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Digitope Picture Converter v1.2.83
Digitope Picture Converter v1.2.83

Picture Converter - необходимый инструмент для любого, кто работает с изображениями. Всего несколькими щелчками вся папка с изображениями может быть заменена между форматами и размерами. Включенные предварительные установки для общих задач, типа электронная почта, веб и DV (Digital Video) делают трудные задачи тривиальными. Мощная особенность изменения размера позволяет Вам изменять размеры фотографий, используя четыре различных режима. Включенные шаблоны помогают Вам приспосабливать изображения для eBay, создавать обои для мобильных телефонов, pda и вашего настольного компьютера, а также и для многого другого. Picture Converter конвертирует между JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, Photoshop PSD и т.д., с настраиваемыми конверсионными опциями, включая уровень сжатия и цветовую глубину.

Picture Converter is a unique utility which is amust-have for anyone who works with digital photos. Picture Converter is not a photo editor, instead, it provides useful automated conversion and resizing abilities that traditional photo editors lack.

Picture Converter contains two overall functions: Resize and Convert. Together, these two functions make it easy to prepare pictures for virtually any purpose, from simple email to professional video editing and broadcasting. Using Picture Converter, you can shrink or enlarge a picture's height and width independtly, by a percent value or by a number of pixels. Picture Converter works especially well when you need photos to confirm to a specific size, such as for video. Three aspect modes, including exclusive Letterbox and Fit-to-Screen, allow you to shape an entire folder of photos to size at once.

Key Features:
Batch conversion:
Picture Converter isn't a photo editor, but a specialized tool to quickly and easily resize and convert batches of pictures at once. Shrink an entire folder of photos in one step and email, or prepare photos for the web. Plus, Photo Converter's versatility means you can automate situations where you would have had to edit each picture manually, saving you time and money.

Supports all popular formats:
Picture Converter works with JPEG, Bitmap, GIF, TIFF, and PNG formats. Full control over compression and conversion options is available, including transparency. The source pictures can be in multiple formats and be converted into a single format.

Extensive resizing options:
Picture Converter has extensive resize options, allowing you to create photos for any application. Photos can be enlarged or shrunk by percent, or by a specific number of pixels, with independent control over height and width. Three aspect options, including the exclusive Fit-to-Size and Letterbox options, give you more possibilities and lets your creativity shine.

Presets and templates:
Extensive presets included with Picture Converter make it easy to prepare photos for common purposes. It's easy to create custom presets too.

• Easy and Powerful:
Whether you're preparing photos for the Web, DV, broadcasting, printing, or simply resizing your vacation photos, you'll find that Picture Converter fits perfectly with your existing toolset and skills. Picture Converter is very easy to use, but offers all the power professionals need. Switch seamlessly between Basic and Advanced mode depending on your requirements.

Scripting support :
For advanced users, Picture Converter offers complete scripting support that can take advantage of every feature and option. This is useful for complex or difficult tasks which would be difficult or impossible to automate otherwise.

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista

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