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Программа: DVDInfoPro HD(утилита для тестирования и получения подробной информации о CD/DVD-приводах)
Licenсе: Shareware
Год выпуска: 2008
Версия: 5.200
Разработчик: Nic Wilson
Платформа: Windows 95, 98, ME require Adaptec ASPI V4.60 or ASPI V4.7.1.2 or later, Nero ASPI is also supported, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista
Язык: English

О программе:
Совместимость с Vista: полная
Язык интерфейса: только английский
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Описание: DVDInfoPro - утилита для тестирования и получения подробной информации о CD/DVD-приводах. Кроме этого, DVDInfoPro позволяет тестировать установленные в привод CD и DVD, а также быстро стирать и форматировать диски DVD-R/RW и DVD+R/RW. Поддерживаются практически все виды приводов, включая DVD+R DL (Double Layer).

- New and improved visual interface
- Blu-ray and HD-DVD support
- New System Information feature with accurate cpu speed calculation
- New Samsung PIPO parity scanning
- New Benq fast PIPO scanning for 8x and 16x drives
- New PIPO data & graphical save formats (PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP)
- New Colour options for graphs and plotting via colour picker
- New DVD-RDL, DVD+RDL (Double Layer) support added
- LG, BENQ, NU, NEC, BTC, Liteon, Micro Advantage bitsetting added
- Access to new DVD-R/RW bitsetting functions added by Nu, BTC and Micro Advantage
- New Media revision field added to Media info
- CD/DVD Speed & Error Test functions
- Expanded Drive & Media Info sections.
- Recognition of DDCD, HD-BURN & Mt Rainier technologies
- Check for program update on web feature.
- Regular updates.

*Added “Optiarc” drives to PIPO parity scanning.
*Fixed a bug in Media Change Notification handling.
*Fixed an issue where the CDB struct may not be fully cleared.
*Fixed two bugs during start-up where two handles were not closed.
*Fixed a problem where a drive may use the wrong handle.
*Removed “Show DVD Only” from settings, all optical drives now shown.
*Removed some duplicate code.
*Fixed a bug where the drive scan window may be in wrong place.
*Fixed a bug in speed test, where a DVD+R may use wrong track pitch.
*Decreased memory usage.
*Converted some public structs into private classes.
*Fixed and intermittent lockup with PIPO scan and Benq drives.
*Fixed the “Save” button from being always disabled in Error Scan.
*Added some extra logging data.
*Removed some extraneous logging data.
*Corrected a wrong size buffer in PIPO scanning.
*Improved memory allocation in some places.
*Removed some obsolete registry writes.
*Added several new feature and profile definitions for DVD & BD.
*Fixed an error in the free memory blocks field for Blu-ray media.
*Added new definition struct for Blu-ray media.
*Fixed a Speed test bug where Blu-ray DL being seen as SL.
*Added some DVD-DL and Blu-Ray Media codes.
*Fixed a graphical error in the file association dialog box.
*Fixed some typo’s in some strings and error messages.
*Added a function to collect unknown media codes for emailing.
*Fixed some typos in some tooltips.
*Fixed a crash when trying to save an IBG with no data.
*Improvements in the System Information code.
*Fixed a sizing error in a CDB struct for a Mode Sense command.
-*return to a four digit version number.
-*Fixed a bug in the update checking code.
*Small bug fixes.
*Changes to manual activation to improve, and speed up response.
*Changes to prepare for new changes coming for parity scanning.
*Fixed a bug causing some trials to expire early.
*Small bug fixes.
*Bug fixed in 5.02 crept back in where Liteon Avg Jitter was not showing.
*Minor bug fixes.
*Extend new activation routine further and fix some minor issues with it.
*Fix some minor bugs.
*Begin work on new code to auto send new media codes in.
*Fixed a bug with all parity scanning.
*If the lower & upper scales were on a fixed scale while scanning, and the lower scale was changed to AutoPeak or AutoAvg the upper scale would also change to auto yet scale selection for the upper graph would stay on its current setting.
*Added auto activation.
*Fixed some minor issues.
*Fixed an activation problem where keys were being invalidated.
*Extended free upgrade back to 1st May 2007
*Fixed a problem where Liteon drives may hang on some Controllers
*Fixed an issue with Newer Liteon drives (20A3P) not showing jitter.
*Fixed an issue where Liteon Average jitter was not showing
*Fixed an issue with Liteon Average/Instant radio buttons re-enabling.
*New version. Changes from this version onwards will be listed here.


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